Mortgage Compliance Investigations LLC was established in 2014

MCI seeks to educate and inform homeowners about the avenues of relief that are available to them in reference to their home mortgage. Practices and procedures in the mortgage industry have evolved and taken drastically different avenues over the past twenty years with the introduction of securitization of mortgages and home equity lines of credit. Banks, with the assistance of Wall Street, have created many different types of security vehicles that utilize the Promissory Note executed by the homeowner. Generically, these are called RMBS (Residential Mortgage Backed Securities) and are converted into certificates which are underwritten by investment groups and used as financial instruments which are ultimately sold to investment portfolios. This practice was especially prevalent during the years of 1996 through 2009, without regard to the legal necessities of such transfers and conversions, nor the inevitable consequences of this practice.

Whether working with clients or with others in the industry, our goal is to promote and maintain a corporate and individual atmosphere of integrity, honesty, accountability and fair dealing. Our responsibility is to our clients who use our products and services. Our associates are held to the highest ethical practices in our profession. We insist on the highest quality and we consistently strive to go above and beyond in everything we do.

Part 1: MCI’s Chain of Title Investigation –This is a State SpecificChain of Title Analysis of documents purporting to pass a claim of [legal] enforceable right of possession or ownership [true sale] to a securitized Mortgage Loan tangible promissory note and Security Instrument. MCI’s Investigation compares hearsay alleged colorable claims to ownership, possession, and rights to the mortgage loan instrument as to Federal and State specific Statutory Requirements of Law- Uniform Commercial Code or States’ Equivalent, Local Laws of Jurisdiction, and Case Law to identify what LAWFUL RIGHT may have been conveyed during a purported true sale.

Professional Mortgage Investigation Services

We provide when available, the Loan Level Data for the loans in addition to whatever information is available pertaining to the entity that has purchased the debt.

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